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Let The Games Begin!

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here! Get that corn a poppin’, grab a cold beer, and dial in that schedule so you can pull up a front row seat on the couch. After all, it’s the World Stage for sports with over 92 countries competeing and the Opening Ceremonies begin tomorrow!   What are you excited to watch? Alpine skiing? Curling? Figure Skating? You know you love it! How about Snowboarding?...

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The future is upon us kids! Decentralized currency, hyper loop travel, and yes, smart wearables and shreddables. With flexible screens a real thing and tech getting smaller and more powerful it’s a safe bet that before too long you may be able to program your base! After almost a year off from the last ETT, No Board Left Behind, we bring you the first LED progammable base. This is first...

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New ETT Drops Thursday

It’s true! It’s real. Yep, there’s a new sick episode of ETT dropping this Thursday and it’s a good one!. One of the hardest builds to date actually. Not going to tease much today because you got to be surprised. It’s best that way.  If you follow the show, then you’re aware that we’ve slowed down a bit with ETT and release them when we can. In fact the last...

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Central Park

This past week the infamous Bomb Cyclone infiltrated the East Coast and quickly left. In its wake it laid a cool white blanket of snow along with teeth rattling temperatures in the single digits over the past four days. Here in NYC they clear the streets quick. But, in the corners of New York and more specifically, Central Park, there were pocket areas with about 4 to 6 inches. Just...

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