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Cardboard Session: Marcus King - #22

Marcus King - F*CK MY LIFE UP AGAIN - Episode 1

Step into the sonic realm of Marcus King. Hailing from Greenville, South Carolina, this musical virtuoso is not only an incredibly gifted guitarist; he's becoming a master of emotion, effortlessly weaving soulful melodies that resonate deeply. There is no doubt Marcus stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the legends of the past while carving out his own unique path. King’s performances are a captivating journey through the heart and soul of American music and we are so excited and proud to have him here for a Cardboard Session playing new music off his latest album Mood Swings produced by Rick Rubin. Welcome to Cardboard Sessions. A jam format music series that brings musicians together to play instruments built and designed by the creators of Cardboard Chaos. A creative exploration for the love of music and the chance to hear something original. No rehearsals, no plan. The moment when a creative spark hits and you dig deep to explore the realm.

Episode Release Dates:
3/20 - "FMLU" Episode 1
3/27 - "Coming Home" Episode 2
4/3 - "Save Me" Episode 3
4/19 - "Delilah" Episode 4

Marcus King - Guitar
Drew Smithers - Guitar
Stephen Cambell - Bass
Jack Ryan - Drums
Kyle , Alex, Chris - Horns

Studio - Jim Henson Studios - Hollywood, CA
Audio Producer/Engineer - Chad Shlosser
Director/Producer - Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga

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