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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affirm?

Affirm is the newest and easiest way to finance your snowboard. It is quick, easy, has no hidden fees and gives you- the customer, the ability to control your payments.


What are my payment options?

We offer two options. You can choose to pay in full for the snowboard, or you can choose to use the Affirm program. With Affirm, you get a quick and easy financing option for your snowboard without any extra hassle!


Is this like the subscription program?

This is similar to the subscription program in which you will still have monthly payments, but they will be through your account with Affirm. You can choose the terms of your payment plan as well- either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months!


Will I still get access to Signal Care and the MOD Program with Affirm?

Yes! No matter which payment plan you choose- Affirm or paying in full, you will gain access to both Signal Care and the MOD Program!


How does this work?

You are joining a community of like minded shredders, so welcome to the Signal family! Once you choose your payment method (in full or with Affirm), we will package your board and ship it out to you. After that, you will gain access to our MOD program where you receive two free demo boards for one week each throughout the year and to our Signal Care warranty program that covers your board if anything goes wrong with it.


What do I get with my purchase?

Signal family members are very important to us! The very first thing that you get is quality customer service- think of us as your snowboarding concierge! In addition to that, you also get access to our MOD Program- which gives you the ability to demo two snowboards for free throughout the season for one week at a time. In addition, you get complete warranty coverage under Signal Care for the next year.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is free anywhere in the US. Shipping to Canada is a one time $40 fee. The Affirm plan is not available to members of the Signal family outside of the US.


How does the MOD Program work?

As an active Signal Snowboards family member, you get access to two free one week demos a season. Just email us at 1-2 weeks before your trip with the size and type of board you want, as well as the address you’d like it shipped to and we will get you all set up with it!

*MOD program is offered to subscribers in Canada, but must pay a $40 shipping fee*


Do I get to keep my snowboard at the end of my Affirm payments?

Yes, once you get your snowboard it is yours to keep. We do not accept returns or exchanges on used snowboards.


Can I cancel my Affirm plan and return my snowboard?

If the board is in new condition, yes. However, once the board has been ridden it is yours to keep as we do not accept returns or exchanges on used boards.


If I don’t like my snowboard can I return it for a different one?

Once you have ridden your snowboard, it is yours to keep and you cannot return a snowboard that has been ridden to us.


Can I use the Affirm program if I am outside of the US?

Unfortunately Affirm is only available to customers in the US. You can purchase your snowboard in full if you are in Canada, and we do not currently ship outside of North America.


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