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It was the end of 2003. We sat at a table with a piece of paper and soon we had formed an outline and a structure that would come to shape our company. Our name would need to capture, encompass and symbolize what this new brand would stand for. We wanted to build on a philosophy; to signal out to like-minded individuals and connect with them.

So Signal was founded in 2004 as an artistic company anchored in snowboarding.

The brand’s mission is about being a company that believes in making more than just a product. We are about building a community with a much bigger cause—one that encompasses not only who we are as snowboarders, but who we are as people. Signal is a human sized company in an industry of giants and our priorities keep us dedicated to building our community both on and off snow.

We found that there was energy and strength in turning the usual way of doing business upside down. It would also be important that our own days at Signal were fulfilling. We wanted new ways to connect. Through programs like Every Third Thursday, we have proven that we can reach a huge audience by connecting with customers one-on-one and that there are others out there like us who have that same yearning.

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Marc Wierenga

Marketing Director

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