As the winter season comes to a close in the northern hemisphere - we find ourselves scrambling to squeeze every bit of boarding in. For the culture, for the fun - as well as everyone’s summer sanity. There was a string of events throughout Utah & Tahoe that set the stage for our spring tour, connecting with team riders and community along the way. Spring fever is real.

Myrie Metzger, Cody Hallquist, Jake Aaronson 


Marc Wierenga and myself left for Salt Lake City from SoCal on April 4th - stopping in Vegas to meet with Chris & Danielle Pool of CND Snow & Skate in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. We patrolled Fremont Street for entertainment and indulged in tinga nachos.  If you’re ever in the area - check out Nacho Daddy - never a dry chip. In the morning we headed to TCB for a quick tour. The rockstars at TCB handle our shipping. After the tour, we parted ways with Chris & Danielle - as they were on an adventure of their own.


We arrive to Brighton Resort for Day 1 of the 3rd annual Bomb Hole Cup - a weekend full of racing, jibbing & snowboard debauchery. Kolman Lecroy, Myrie Metzger & Cody Hallquist hung up the park boards for a moment to rail through fresh banked turns hand sculpted by the one and only Brighton Diggers. Day 2 was the Park Showdown. Niko Phelan, Jesse Gomez, Tyler Blackburn & myself rode a bit of pow off Milly in the morning. Our cups were full - and the action hadn’t even started. Levi Kaseroff joined the ranks for Day 2 and put down one heck of a cork front 7/rippey flip (you make the call) off of the pole jam. Tricks went down, but the takeaway from the event was much more gratifying - and set us on the right track for the rest of the journey.

Cody Hallquist, Myrie Metzger

Rounding out the Utah leg, the crew headed to Woodward Park City for a day of fast laps with friends during the Solar Eclipse. No lines, fresh park, just straight cruising. The Buffalo chicken sandwiches were pretty damn good too. Riding till 8pm was a proper send off before Tahoe. SLC’ers are very fortunate to have this little piece of park paradise at their disposal.

Gomez drags knuck.

On our way out, we made the classic ‘Tree of Utah’ pitstop. Members of the ill-fated Donner Party were tragically delayed in this area before their awful demise in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Without delay, Gomez put down a trick or two on the far dish. Check!


Ahhh Tahoe - Our SoCal riders have been migrating to the wonder of Tahoe every year. Clean water, fresh air, 15 ski resorts. It’s kind of a no brainer. The plan was to ride Boreal, Kingvale & Sierra-At-Tahoe - finishing strong.

To start - we headed to Boreal for a day of soft snow & mini pipes. Jesse Gomez & Jake Aaronson pulled up with some flavor. Snake runs, jibs & jumps oh my! Many of our riders call this mountain “home” - and for good reason. Less lines, creative features & a bumping après scene to boot. We rode until the snow turned to mush and said our goodbyes to Boreal as it was closing week. Au revoir!

Myrie Metzger - rope tow madness - like a gerbil on a wheel.

Next up - Kingvale for the FCC Invitational - showcasing a heavy roster of jibbers from around the world. Day Franzen from Kingvale and the park stuff crushed it on the build - a compact, technical course with plenty of options to get creative, gap or transfer. Rider’s took to the course for roughly 45 minutes - to try and leave their mark for viewers at home.  Bumfucc’s First Ever FCC Invitational, where the audience decides the winner, is officially live on youtube. Comment your favorite 2 riders before 05/20/24!

FCC Invitational Build - thank you Day and KV park staff!

For our last stop, The team headed to South Lake Tahoe for Methodology - a banked slalom meets method contest hosted by Pat Moore & Sierra-At-Tahoe. Lenny Mazzoti, Levi Kaseroff, Cali Carlson & Jesse Gomez were there to rip it up. The weather called for clouds, yet the storm held off until the very end. It was a perfect days for racing, methods & taking in the natural beauty of the Sierras. Cali Carlson pinned the gas and tweaked a phat method for 2nd place in the women’s open division. I placed 3rd for the old farts. After the event, we explored the mountain in search of side hits. Thank you Sierra-At-Tahoe, Pat Moore & Vans for the wonderful day - we will be back!

Cali Carlson

Jesse Gomez