Our Snowboards are built using technically advanced manufacturing methods. We source the very best materials and have the strictest quality control grading system. We provide a 2 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects from the original date purchased from Signal’s Online Store or any Authorized Dealer.

If you have a warranty issue please check the list below:

Acceptable Warranty Issues:
  • Delamination.
  • Problems with Inserts.
  • Cracked topsheet (outside of the binding area and if the woodcore is not broken).
  • Split edge from sidewall (if there is no obvious impact on the edge).
Probably Declined for Warranty:
  • Any damage on the base due to impact.
  • Broken edges due to impact.
  • A completely broken board.
  • Chips and scrapes from lift lines, parking lots and regular use. You snowboard, these things happen ;)
  • Screws pushed through the base (use of inserts screws that are too long, or used without a washer).