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"WET FUR" - feat. Tyler Lightfoot & Friends


Dustin Craven, Mateo Masettim, Darcy Keller, Tyler Lightfoot, Elena Height, Werni Stock, & Tanner Davidson


The Wet Fur Snowboard Crew, hailing from the picturesque interior of British Columbia, is a tight-knit group of snowboarding enthusiasts who have carved their names into the annals of extreme winter sports. Led by The incomparable Dustin Craven, this crew brings a unique blend of talent, passion, and camaraderie to the world of snowboarding. With members like Mateo Masetti, Darcy Keller, and Tyler Lightfoot, the Wet Fur Crew has created a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the slopes.

What sets this crew apart is not just their awe-inspiring skills on the snow but also their deep connection to the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia. From powdery backcountry bowls to rugged mountain terrain, their stomping grounds provide the perfect canvas for their artistry.

n addition to their core members, the Wet Fur Snowboard Crew often teams up with special friends who share their spirit of adventure and creativity. Names like Elena Height, Werni Stock, and Tanner Davidson join this eclectic mix of talented riders, bringing fresh perspectives and an even wider range of experiences to the table.

From gravity-defying jumps to heart-pounding descents, the Wet Fur Snowboard Crew is more than just a group of riders – they are a family of adrenaline junkies who live for the thrill of the mountains and the beauty of the powder. Join us as we delve into their world, where snow, boards, and friendship collide in a mesmerizing display of skill, style, and sheer love for the sport.
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