Nick Reinhart and Eric Gardner are in the studio with Cardboard Sessions taking our jam concept to absolute beast mode. No practiced material, no typical guitar chord progressions, only unique compositions of music that will never be played the same twice. Every song Swollen Brain performs is original at the time it’s played. This is an avant-garde, ambient, synth-guitar, punk-prog jazz fueled journey of emotion. The instruments a way to communicate a conversation taking place between Nick and Eric, sharing recent life experiences using sounds not words. It’s incredible. Recorded at Suplex Audio in DTLA with Manny Nieto, this is worth a watch with headphones. Excited to share it with you.


Welcome to Cardboard Sessions. A jam format music series that brings musicians together to play instruments built and designed by the creators of Cardboard Chaos. A creative exploration for the love of music and the chance to hear something original. No rehearsals, no plan. The moment when a creative spark hits and you dig deep to explore the realm.
Thank You: Nick Reinhart, Eric Gardner, Manny Nieto, Ernest PackagingFender

Eric GardnerNick Reinhart
Manny Nieto & Nick Reinhart
Swollen Brain - Nick Reinhart & Eric Gardner