The moment creativity and community collide - Krush Kulesza, Head Honcho at 
Snowboy Productions starts Day 1 with a riders meeting.
p: Dean Blotto Gray

This past week, some of the Signal squad had the pleasure of attending The Bowl Project at Snowbowl, 15 miles north of Flagstaff, Arizona. The mountain boasts 11,500 ft. as it's top elevation - but you can bet people were getting way higher during the first Snowboy Event for 2024. Snowboy Productions are on year nine of “The Projects” - a travelling private park shoot and non-test, which focuses on unique builds, creative riding and camaraderie rather than fancy awards.

Levi Kaseroff transferred stale fish all the way from Southern California. That’s gnarly.
p: Gabe Negron

Snowboarders from all over were in attendance - Snowboy events have always had a worldy draw. When you get a wide variety of snowboarders from different parts of the world together - great things happen. No pressure, just good times and lots of cameras to document the creativity unfolding over 4 days. Big ups to the Snowbowl for providing a canvas.


Everybody knows every good line starts with a pole jam.
Matt Carlyle getting warming up to the course with a SW Back 180 jammer.
p: Gabe Negron
Our crew arrived to snowy Arizona from different points in California & Nevada. The plan was to board everyday for 5 days - to make the most of our time and explore. And to the delight of every street snowboarder at the event, it was also game on in Flagstaff.

Which boarder got a clip - or two? Lenny, Jamie, Matt or Adrian.
p: Thomas Haraden

The course was comprised of flowy bowl features, rails, bonks and the ever illusive Cacti. With so much going on at once, it was important to grab a good vantage point to watch. People riding the chairlift were going nuts for 4 days  solid - and you best believe there was some attention around the Volcanoes. How can you beat the view? They were doing controlled burns in the area all week - but if you squinted, you could kind of see the Grand Canyon.

Jesse Gomez doesn’t comply unless it’s altitude sickness.
p: Gabe Negron
Things ramped from Day 1 to 2 when rider’s became more comfortable with the course - connecting tricks and going even bigger. It’s really fun to watch the progression throughout the week. So many different styles and approaches to the course, nothing was redundant - a constant stream of new lines and tricks to draw inspiration from. Day 3 was cancelled for weather reasons. After a day of urban exploration for many event participants - the show was back on for Day 4 - the riders were peaking. 

We were 6 hours from the beach, yet Cali Carlson somehow managed to get tubular all week.
p: Stephan Jende

If you throw some butter on a volcano - it will drip.
Lenny Mazzotti with a classic Antho tribute.
p: Gabe Negron
Snowboy Productions and Snowbowl provided. Big shout out to all the brands on board for making more events like this possible. Arizona rules and we will be back!

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