The 2018 winter season is upon us. As delighted as we are for the snow to fall and fill in our favorite mountains and pillowy terrain, we are equally as excited to take care of you. Yes, that’s right, we have made it our business to lock in your snowboard life. Signal has transformed over the years. You may have noticed. Or, you may just be learning about us now, but last year we kicked up snowboarding’s first and only snowboard subscription program. Now, many of you reading this may already be on it. And if you are you know how it works and we so appreciate you being part of the program and some of the early adapters. For you that are not, here’s how it works right now. You pay in mouthy, we ship you a board. You also have options to ride other boards in the line throughout the season. Anything happens to your snowboard over the season, your covered. We ship you another board so you can keep shredding. This is where we begin. It’s a great beginning, BUT, and this is a very big but, our subscription program is on its way to being so much more. We look at it like this - how can we make your snowboard life better, smarter, easier and more fun! Being on the Signal Subscription makes you the priority. Whatever you need as it pertains to snowboarding we intend to be there for you. 

Snowboarding is already a sport that takes a lot of effort. There’s a lot of gear to choose from, there’s maintenance on that gear, tricks to learn, ability to progressed. Typically there can be long drives to the hill and most importantly, there are incredible places and experiences you must know about if you’re a snowboarder. After all, snowboarding is a fun thing to do because you’re ripping the wilderness and the world is full of wilderness! 

So, to those on the program we thank you for taking part and helping us grow and build a better Signal every day. For those who are not, think about it. Let’s get you on this season! Join us in having the best boards delivered when you need them. Enjoy the concierge customer service that can help you set up your board, walk you through waxing your board and even help you find other gear you may need. We also have community ride days coming up this winter as well. If you’re a beginner or a ripping pro, we promise you’ll have a good time hanging with us. And we have some pretty serious talent that can help you learn just about anything. 

Ultimately, we are about Community, Culture and Gear. With you on board (pun intended), we’ll make sure you have everything you need when it comes to snowboarding.