Springtime is one of our favorite seasons here at Signal. It's when the whole family gets together for soft, slushy park laps. After a winter of chasing pow, competing, and filming in the streets all of us convened at Mammoth Mountain to get back to the reason we started snowboarding in the first place- having fun with our friends. 

Kyle, Demetri, Max

Kyle Mack, Demetri Bales, Danny Salazar, Danila Shipilov, Mati SchmittNeev Zaiet, Blake KehoeKolman Lecroy, and Max Bigley all got together with Signal staff photographer, Marc Wierenga for an epic week of laps, brews and laughs a few weeks ago. The park was firing all week with crews from all over the country riding the creative setup that TJ Dawoud and the Mammoth Unbound gang had to offer. The stoke was high and we were all hyped on the good times. 

Kyle Wall Ride

When we weren't riding, we all hung out, taking advantage of the gorgeous California weather; grilling, playing what are the odds, and dyeing Kyles' hair bright blue. He already isn't hard to miss on snow with his effortless style and ability to land banger tricks with ease, but the blue definitely added to him shining bright.

Kyle Blue Hair

Demetri spent the week carving and slashing the slush, getting creative with it and taking advantage of the multiple snake runs that people had started all over the mountain. He also got the rest of the crew stoked on a slushalanche, where a group of about fifteen of us together at the top of one of the steepest runs on the hill, creating our own mini avalanche in the slush and riding the slough all the way down.

Demetri Carving

Danila came through with heaters on the triple pack of massive jumps at the bottom of Main Park- lack of speed in the slush definitely wasn't something that was on his mind. As a Mammoth local, he's used to the variable conditions, and regularly stomping bangers on big jumps.


I took it upon myself to get extra creative with all the transition the park had to offer, finding innovative ways to ride the unique setup. It was so fun vibing off of everyones' stoke, and finding new lines every lap we took.

Neev Slashing

The halfpipe was also in prime slush condition for optimal good times to be had, and you could often find Mati peeling away from the crew to really take advantage of the radness. We all have such different styles when it comes to riding and it was so sick getting everyone together to push each other outside of our comfort zones in our own ways.

Mati Schmitt

Sessions like these in the spring are always especially epic good times and I'm looking forward to more sunny weeks to come with the crew! Hit us up if you're around Mammoth this spring, we'll be here taking hot laps and enjoying the last few weeks of the season with the gang!


Kyle Mack/ Blake Kehoe