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Shaping The Future

Shaping The Future
In all industry and business there are those who play it safe, and those who enjoy the challenge of paving a new way. With our focus on participation, accessibility and creating unique experiences in shred, we have dove head first into a completely new snowboard subscription platform for action sports and more specifically, snowboarding. With our factory as our anchor, we have the flexibility to build for the one that matters most. You. Much like streaming music, grabbing an Uber, or upgrading to the new phone every year, Signal integrates into your life making snowboarding easier, more fun and downright awesome. Times are not only changing – they’ve changed! We are directly connected daily like never before and the opportunity to work together as company and rider is the most exciting and innovative part of this whole venture. As our community grows so does the opportunity to ride new boards, travel to exciting new shred zones and build on experiences that will last a lifetime. On top of that you are always protected and never have to worry about your board. Your focus should be on snowboarding. Our focus is creating incredible experiences and getting you the best snowboards with ease. Making it fun, easy and affordable. We look forward to having you on board. 

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Dec 05, 2016 • Posted by Jakob Reiterer

hey guys! :) i’m jakob, 16 years old and i’m from italy. first i’ve seen you guys was on youtube: every third thursday! i really enjoyed the videos you released so i got more interested in your conpany and now i’m here :D i’m going to buy one of your boards soon, i hope shipping isn’t a problem ;) all i want to say is, you guys are awesome and i’m really looking forward to shred that board. keep up the great work :) greetings from italy!

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