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Salt Lake City Snowboarding | Over Yonder | EP7

From the Over Yonder Crew: Filming in Salt Lake City can feel like a struggle. So many people in the snowboarding community live there, and when it snows in the streets, it's a mad dash to the steel. You can drive around all day, and see lips built everywhere you look. To ride something new you need a creative mindset, you need to spend countless hours driving around searching for something new, and you need an attitude that doesn't quit. Brandon Davis, Jed Sky and Kyle Mack took advantage of the early season snowfall in the city, and managed to bag several NBD's (Never Been Done), despite all the factors that make SLC tough to film in. Spots like the West Valley Skatepark Rainbow rail was finally done by Brandon, and the Tooele up rail got absolutely destroyed by Jed and Brandon. The things that are most interesting to us, are things we've never seen before. Even though it's filmed in arguably one of the most snowboarded cities ever, this crew manages to leave their mark in a unique way. Enjoy!

Video By: Ryan Finder
Additional Filming: Sam Tour, Brandon Davis, Kyle Mack
Photography By: Brandon Davis, Kyle Mack, Brendon Rego, Ryan Finder
Thumbnail Photo: Brendon Rego


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