New Park Series is ready to ship and for $35 bucks monthly, it’s time for a new board this winter. The Park Series is built specifically for the Parks, Streets, Rails, Boxes and whatever you can throw at it. It’s our softest flex in the line, which will help you get those presses down and it’s easy to manipulate under foot. If you choose to get this board you also get Signal Care and MOD program. Signal Care gives you full coverage and protects your board from damage. Our MOD program allows you to demo other boards in the line 2 weeks a year free! That’s right! If conditions change, if you feel like riding a different board, or you traveling and you want us to ship a board to you so you don’t have to take it on the plane – we got you!

You will also love our concierge style customer service. Any questions we are here for you on live chat and email. Booking a trip and want some local knowledge we got it. Want to understand which stance is good for what style of riding – hit us up. Need extra bolts for your bindings? We’ll send them to you. It is the World’s First Snowboard Subscription and it is our mission to make sure you have the best snowboard experience and winter and summer possible :)