It’s true! It’s real. Yep, there’s a new sick episode of ETT dropping this Thursday and it’s a good one!. One of the hardest builds to date actually. Not going to tease much today because you got to be surprised. It’s best that way. 

If you follow the show, then you’re aware that we’ve slowed down a bit with ETT and release them when we can. In fact the last one we put out was a year ago called No Board Left Behind. If you missed it, you got to check it, it’s a good one. The long breaks in between filming have largely been due to us putting most of our effort into the Snowboard Subscription. If you’re here I’m hoping you’ve heard of it, but if you don’t, it’s a growing community of snowboarders that have access to snowboards, destinations, ride days and few other perks for a low monthly fee. We kicked it up a last season, and it’s evolving constantly. If the Snowboard Subscription were an operating system, this is version 1.0. The beauty of the program is that our members are part of the process. We listen and we build. As a subscriber you help guide the products and destinations through participation in our groups, ride days or just talking to our wonderful customer service crew about what you like and where you’d like to go. It’s a unique opportunity to become part of very dedicated and thriving community. To date we’ve through member participation, we’ve added extra weeks at Baldface, hooked up for ride days at Mammoth, and built the Wide Wise and new Tail Gunner with feedback from the community. It’s a lot of fun and if you’re not already on board, let me talk you into it! It’s real good!


Well, back to ETT. We’ll see you on Thursday!