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Let The Games Begin!

Let The Games Begin!

There’s no doubt cooling has begun. I’m here in NYC, and it’s starting to feel like true winter is upon us. A few weeks ago? Nah… it was still t-shirt weather, but now, now it’s cold! There’s always hope for a little snow before the end of November, but with snow making capabilities on high and early snow fall from Oregon to Vermont, opening day has happened and is happening this week. You have real options. Resorts like Timberline, A-Basin, Trollhaugen, Wildcat Mountain (have no idea where that is) and now Killington and Mammoth Mountain are turning on the lifts and rope tows to kick off the shred season. Where will you go? Well, If you find yourself heading up to Mammoth Mountain this Thursday or Friday, you gotta hit us up and ride with our crew! We will be connecting with subscribers, taking runs and testing out a few new boards. If your heading to Killington let me know. I’ll be exploring the east coast shred spots this season and would love to meet up and take a few runs. I’m a good riding buddy, very experienced and I usually come with extra boards. Plus, I have no idea where the best spots are, so you’d be doing me a huge favor! Alright enough already and get out there this weekend and kick off your season.


Arctic Blast. Hmmm. We'll see...

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