Kyle Mack is a workhorse - an all terrain killer with incredible drive. From the olympics, to street boarding & now backcountry - Kyle checks all the boxes of what it means to be a professional snowboarder. Over the last couple years, he’s worked with the Over Yonder crew - filming some of the most entertaining snowboard videos in recent times. What’s Kyle’s plan now? To keep doing the damn thing - 100% on his own terms.

Kyle Mack's Full Part from "Over Yonder" drops 9/28 on Youtube


Filming has seemed to become your main focus as of late, both street & backcountry. What's the plan moving forward?

Kyle: My heart was always in filming. After the Olympics I started filming in the streets a lot more, and eventually transitioned into more backcountry - the good part of snowboarding. Currently, I’m working on become a guide. When Brandon Davis & I first started filming with Ryan Finder we took avalanche classes - and then I took it one step further getting my NOLS certification. I want to take people on backcountry excursions - and show people that type of snowboarding & scenery. I wanted to have all the safety measures dialed so when I do take people out, I feel more comfortable and prepared for any situation. This coming season, exploring Canada a bit more is in the mix, maybe link up with Yuki & find some bigger lines. The opportunities are endless.

Did you run into any challenges this past winter while filming?

Kyle: We definitely got lucky with snow conditions. Getting everything ready for BC camping was pretty time-consuming - there were a few times at the campsite where we realized we needed something - and that was a mission in itself. Of course there were down days because of weather, but that just pushed us to make the good days count.

Aside from stacking footage, is there anything else you're working on currently?

Kyle: Events are definitely a passion of mine. Last season I ended up throwing  an apres festival at a resort in Michigan - which was a blast - and I want to do more of that. Bringing in DJ's, combining snowboard and music culture. More of the European apres vibe. I'd also like to start working on my own clothing line and taking it a bit more serious - taking more advantage of opportunities to be creative.