John Jackson is coming in hot this week. We are in the middle of pressing another round of his board line to keep up with demand. John’s board definitely reflects his riding style, but it’s important to note you don’t have to ride like John to enjoy his board. A medium flex between the bindings and a softer flex on the slimmed down nose and tail profile make this a fun ride for anyone. His quad side-cut gives you an edge that holds tight on both heal and toe side turns and the carbon stringers give the board a nice feel and the right pop you’re looking for when hitting big or small jumps and lines. John knows exactly what he wants and if you are riding his board this winter, you are getting a board straight from his creative mind mixed with our California factory.


You may have also seen a few episodes of his new video series with Red Bull called The Book Of John J. Throughout the series you get a glimpse into the life that John lives. Imagination, Beast Life and Footprints are the names of the first three episodes and they are beautifully shot and take you on a journey into the backcountry and beyond with some of his favorite people as they dig in to what life means to them in snowboarding and world around them. I’ve known this man for many years now and if there’s one thing I am certain about, it’s that John’s life mission is one of purpose. He thinks differently and he sees the world and the people in it with a unique perspective.


To give you a little insight here are a few clips from the series below.