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Can you give me a little introduction of who you are: name, age and where you’re from?

Jake: My name is Jake Aaronson I go by Eastbumfucc, I’m 28 years old and I am from Boston Massachusetts.

How’d you get into snowboarding, and what was your first introduction to it?

Jake: My dad coming home with a snowboard randomly. Just showed up with a snowboard when I was like five years old. I think he had gotten it cheaper, I dunno my dad kind of dumpster dives and he probably found it doing that honestly, but never told us. 

Growing up where you did, was there a lot of snow in that part of Massachusetts?

Jake: I’m from south of Boston from a suburb called Needham. It's just easier to say Boston, but, no there's not really much snow down there. So during the winter and stuff, we used to go up to New Hampshire all the time and I would go after school because Wachusett, which is an hour away from me in Massachusetts, would be open at night - but for the most part we would go on the weekends up to New Hampshire. Yeah, we started right away from six years old, I started snowboarding basically every every weekend.


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How long have you been riding for Signal and tell me about how that all happened?

Jake: Shit, it's been 11 years now riding with Signal, I believe - maybe even going on 12. I started in 2012, so yeah, around 11 years. I got on because I was in the contest circuit and I believe it was Matthew Teperow who started hookin’ me up. He used to be a Signal rep, and counselor at High Cascade. I forget how I knew him from the East Coast, but yeah, he got me in touch with Dave and Marc basically after my first year of getting me boards. 


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p: Jeep Eddy 

When did you end up moving out west and when did you get into the contest series?

Jake: I started the contest series when I was on the East Coast. I went to one of those snowboard academy schools - Waterville Valley Academy, and they had me basically doing that up until I was 18. Then right when I turned 18, I kind of just quit, and moved out west. I did pretty well one season in the contest circuit and then the next season I didn't have as good a season. So I said “fuck it” and started finding crews in the PNW to film with and start goin’ that route.

How old were you when all this was going on?

Jake: I was 18 when I moved out to Colorado and then after Colorado, that same season, I moved out to Mount Hood during the summer. I linked up with the Wyld Instinct crew there, then moved out to Washington and we all decided to live in Wenatchee and ride Mission Ridge that year.

How long have you been filming for and explain your interest in that side of snowboarding. Being with the Wyld Instinct guys, did that help spark your interest in going that route?

Jake: Definitely. I think, I started filming when I was 19, because I think it was the next season that we filmed for our first video. And I mean, honestly, that just changed my perspective on snowboarding, you know? Because at first, it was all competitions, and you know, you win, you lose - you're happy or sad. There’s no middle ground, and it's all heavily organized and structured. You’re not able to do it how you want to do it and filming is exactly that. Once I got to filming, it was exactly how I want to do it, and I guess I've just been striving ever since to make it more and more appealing and fun for me.

Tell me about your mindset and creative process going into ‘Resort Banned’ and this latest project that we’re about to see?

Jake: Yeah, with Resort Banned I kind of just made a park in the middle of nowhere and wanted to feature it somehow and shed some light on it. I really had no one to film with, and no one to help build or really go out and make it happen. So I just set-up my tripod and one of my old handy cams and was like, “fuck it” and just started filming it. 

I guess that's the same route that I went with this next video project. I just moved away from the West Coast where I was filming with a bunch of crews and stuff. Then I moved out here (East-Coast) and seems like everyone already has their own crews and they’re all pretty well established but I’m not trying to step on anyones toes or try to jump into something. So then I did the same thing as Resort Banned, but instead of doing DIY type stuff, I thought maybe it would be cooler to go out and take it to the streets.


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So this new project has been filmed all on the east coast?

Jake: Yeah, I decided to try and be in the Northeast and find areas that have snow around here. But obviously, last year was probably the most difficult season for that. It was just kind of chasing after the snow and then finding homies spots to crash at. I think I stayed at two hotels throughout the whole trip.

How do you feel about this project and will you be doing something like this again?

Jake: Yea, I would say I would definitely do something like this in the future, maybe even do it a different way again. I like to be doing different things and I feel like the best snowboarders out there, even if they're just a street rider; their tricks or the way that they film video part usually seems like they're doing different shit and making it unique, you know? I guess the ones that I'm the most hyped on are at least…

Final words: Anything you’d like to say to your followers and all the people that support you?

Jake: I just got to say much love to the people who have been there from the beginning and the Patreon supporters who have seen the amount of dedication I've been putting into this and will keep putting into this as long as you guys are down to support it. The the hype is real that's for sure; and I’m super, super grateful for everybody that's involved.

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