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Film Project: Dérive

Here at Signal we are driven by the creativity in and around snowboarding. Period. As rippers of all sorts come up, the passion to ride, progress and document is always inspiring. We are beyond stoked and honored to share this film project by one of our favorite crews Wyld Instinct. These guys have unrelentless fire and vision to make the very best of every day on snow, all while having a hell of a time along the way. Below are a few words from the man who spent his days behind the lens capturing, producing and ediiting this short feature. Enjoy.

Dérive is a French word translated to mean “drift." In 1956, a philosopher by the name of Guy Debord put forth an explanation to what he called ‘Theory of the Dérive,' and loosely defines dérive as an unplanned journey using modes of experimental behavior through an urban environment. Its participants unplug from everyday relations, and let themselves be drawn to the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there. The goal of a ‘dérive’ is to study the landscape of a city, which leads to the potential creation of memorable situations.

The search for snow and new spots fueled the adventure as we traveled from city to city, exploring our surroundings and attempting to create a worthwhile snowboarding film. Riders include Matt Robinson, Kyle Roles, Jake Rose, Demetri Bales, and Jake Aaronson. These guys also makes up a majority of the film crew Wyld Instinct.

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