Hot Dogs and Hand Rails celebrated it’s 16th anniversary this past Saturday and it was on fire! Over 40 riders, thousands of spectators and three punk bands, The Bronx, Vandals, and headliners NOFX.

The two hit set up that included a down flat down rail, a down bar with middle gap separated by a staircase. A 6’ down bar with a jam up the front, a double slide with variable length rails, and a brand new, never-been-done-before 6’ corrugated down bar that was also separated by a staircase. The second pad had a full plaza set up with close-in and close-outs. From right to left, the layout included half of the El Toro stair set with a gap to down bar and a close-out down bar, in a cross fall line deck rail with another deck rail gap to down bar in the middle of the close-in. The other half of the El Toro stair set with a gap off down bar and another close out down bar on the left side of the pad. Signal Riders Jake Aaronson, Keoni Kaimuloa, Lauren Derminio, Jesse Gomez, Bob Abrams and Kolman Lecroy absolutely sent it and made us all proud. It’s an intense couple of hours with riders dropping constantly, boards spinning everywhere, it’s enough to shake anyone and our entire crew killed it. On top of that the Signal booth was packed and full of friendly and excited shredders ready for the upcoming season. The season is upon us! In a matter of weeks we’ll all be able shredding!!