This summer, we're stoked on shifting gears from snowboarding and focusing on all the other things we love to do. Each week, we'll be dropping a new profile about the adventures our Signal family members go on when they aren't snowboarding.
First up: Jordan Gibson.
When he isn't snowboarding, he's rock climbing, so drop in and see what he has to say!
Jordan Gibson
When did you start climbing?
I started climbing 4 years ago, my wife really wanted to try it so I decided to tag along. I was instantly hooked and purchased a membership the first day.
Where do you normally climb?
I can usually be found at one of the Hangar 18 Southern California locations. I climb outside about 3 days a week depending on the time of year at Black Mountain, Tramway or Joshua tree 
What kind of climbing are you doing?
Bouldering mostly but I do enjoy roping up once in a blue moon.
What has been one of your favorite projects that you’ve successfully completed?
‘All Washed Up” in Joshua Tree is a John Bachar Classic that took me about two years to do, needless to say I was hyped when that battle was over.
What stokes you out most about climbing?
It's just as physical as it is mental the puzzle side of it is what has me addicted 
If you could climb with anyone in the world who would it be?
I’d have to say Lonnie Kauk, his mental game is so strong and he rips on a snowboard.
Jordan Gibson
Rider Profile
Full Name: Jordan Miles Gibson
Birthday: 07/09/91
Goofy or Regular? Regular
Snowboard Stance? All the way in 12 and -12 
Favorite snowboard? I’ve ridden the PARK for a long time best year of that board imo was 08/08 Baby blue and Green 
Home Mountain? Mountain High 
Dream Snowboarding Destination? JAPOW 
Jordan Gibson