What is Signal’s MOD program?
One of the perks that comes with every subscription is Signals' very own MOD program. Short for Members Only Demo program, MOD is the best way to try another board out in our line. As a subscriber, just email MOD@signalsnowboards.com in order to reserve and have shipped any board in our line to demo for a week two times a year, free
This program is awesome on so many levels. Conditions change, which means your board should too. If you have a big storm coming and you think you’d like to try a Yup or another pow friendly board in the line, you're now able to. We’ll ship you a demo, no questions asked. Traveling this winter and don’t want to lug a board bag around? You're good! Some airlines charge a premium, but we won't. This is your chance to travel with just boots and bindings and leave the board at home. We’ll ship directly to your hotel, cabin or wherever you plan on staying. Ride it for the week, box it back up and drop it at any FedEx shipping location to return it. Easy.
If you're looking to recommend a Signal to a friend, this is the perfect way to get them on board. Request a MOD for them to test out. Stoke a buddy out, or finally get your significant other on the board they've always wanted, but never knew they loved. Surprise them and put them on something new and take them shredding. 
What we love about the MOD program is that you get to experience new snowboards and that is the most fun part. It takes time to fine tune your favorite flexes, geometry and shapes. The only way to really dial this in is to have the opportunity to ride other boards at your fingertips. That is the very point of MOD. Eventually, you'll find the one board that expands your horizon to all the others.
Our Snowboard Subscription is based on community, culture and gear. You as a subscriber help drive what we build, and the more feedback we get the better our snowboard subscription will become. Together, we can make the MOD program the best part of the subscription.
Here is a quick guide on how to reserve a MOD this winter.
  1. Email MOD@signalsnowboards.com
  2. In the body, describe what board you're requesting, when you’d like to receive it, and the address you’d like it shipped to.
  3. Our in-house shop crew will confirm your request via emaill. 
  4. Ride it. Have fun. Put it back in the box when done and use the return shipping label to ship it back.
  5. FedEx will either pick up the board, or you can drop it at any FedEx shipping location free of charge.