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The OG Disruptor found its way under Kyle's feet just a year before his Olympic debut. It was our first board produced to "do-it-all". The year following Pyeongchang, Kyle made a few adjustments to the board, making it stiffer as well as including wider sizes. Fast forward to today and Kyle is still pushing the limits of refining the board for his liking. In 23/24, The Disruptor Kyle Mack Pro is 10% stiffer than the base Disruptor, resulting in a highly versatile ride that also excels in the backcountry.

"The Disruptor has been a great all around board - it's pretty much the only board I'll ride in a resort setting. With the added stiffness in the new Disruptor Kyle Mack, I can now take it anywhere, including the backcountry." - Kyle 


 As for artwork, Kyle worked with friend & artist Hannah Shiplee to produce a pop-art style graphic - utilizing oranges and yellows that haven't been used for past renditions of the Disruptor.

"One thing I've always tried to do with the Disruptor is make it different. Homegirl crushed it, I wanted to give Hannah the chance to share her artistic ability with the snowboard world and I'm super happy with the result." - Kyle

Kyle's other top choices: 


 "I really like the Omni, especially it's nose & tail shape, it's great for park & powder."


 "The Tailgunner in the backcountry could just plow through anything - it's a powerhouse. The stiffer tail may have inspired me to make the change in my Pro Model Disruptor."


"The LOL Split is sick. I did a few split missions on it this past season. It has such a good feel to it - I even took it off some gnarly cliffs and it held up great."

Stay tuned throughout the week for more on Kyle -
leading up to his full part dropping on 9/28
via Signal's YouTube channel!

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