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Kyle Mack's incredible journey to the pinnacle of snowboarding continues in this highly anticipated video part. As a celebrated Silver Medalist in the Winter Olympics and former US open champion, Kyle showcases his impeccable skills, insane trick selection and unique style that have made him a true professional in the sport. 

Join Kyle as he embarks on a new adventure with snowboard film maker - Ryan Finder in his Full-Part from the 'Over Yonder' web series. Pushing his personal boundaries of what's possible on his snowboard - from big mountain descents to huge tricks, this part promises to be an all-time backcountry part for all snowboarders alike. 

Share this video with your friends and fellow boarders, and let's celebrate the art of shredding! 

Director, Film & Edit: Ryan Finder (@view__finder_)
Additional Filming: Spencer Whiting (@gimbalgod)

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