We love what we do. How many people can say that? We’re out blazing a new path in an industry that’s been playing the same game for decades building a unique connection with all types of shredders. It is true, we are the only snowboard subscription program out there. I love this. And, it’s also true that we are connecting daily with rippers of all styles and abilities across the great Americas of the north. This gives us an enourmous amount of creative energy and as you will learn below, insightful feedback to work with and learn from so that we can become better, stronger and more in tune with what you need when it comes to your snowboard life.

Please enjoy the first - For Your Reviewing Pleasure. An instant classic and one of our favorite reviews to come in so far out of 200+. Jason H, we can see how that might be hard to explain. Next time we’ll send a card that details the small gift so you have an alibi ;). See? We learn. We apprecaite our community of shredders and I sincerely hope some of these reviews will inspire those who are not on our program to get in on some of this! It’s too easy and too much fun. We’d love to have you on board. Enjoy.

Great board, but my girlfriend almost dumped me...

"My experience with Signal themselves has been amazing. I ordered the John Jackson Sierra 158cm and it rode AMAZING all season. Customer service interactions all off-season have been top form. The only hitch was when my board actually ARRIVED. The Signal crew threw in a little laginappe in the form of a rad free T-shirt and a little dainty necklace from John Jackson's jewelry line. Not being the jewelry wearing sort, I tossed it on my nightstand. Yep. You can imagine where this is going. My girlfriend comes over, sees my nightstand and this lovely piece of jewelry on a woman's chain and gets HEATED. How in the WORLD am I supposed to explain that the necklace came with the snowboards! After some convincing and googling, things were sorted out. Hey Signal, how about a warning next time? Great riding board though. Worth that little piece of domestic hassle." - Jason H.