If you follow us at all you know we like to get a little wild when it comes to board design. When we’re not busy with Signal Snowboards, we spend some time working with our friends at Ernest Packaging to build one off concepts out of cardboard. The latest creation? A Wake Surfboard. Have a looksie and let us know what you think. I rode this thing btw and it f%$king ripped!


Time to dive into another episode of Cardboard Chaos! Floating out the concept that cardboard can be used in the construction of a high-end Wake Surfboard! Puzzled? Well, this structure definitely is! Over 175 pieces to connect to make a perfectly shaped Hyperlite Wake Surf core. After assembled and put together we glass it, throw some fins on it and give it to Wakeboard/Wake Surf Pro Noah Flegel to put it to the test!What do you think? Would you surf this?