Piece Out. Removable Tip and Tail Snowboard. ~ www.signalsnowboards.com

We’ve missed you all so much!! It’s true, we’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to build out Signal’s Snowboard Membership Program. But with a few fresh ideas and the help of some close friends at home, abroad and our homies at GoPro, ETT is back!!

It’s been so long!! Just for you this holiday season we’ve pieced a concept together quite literally. Snowboarders already have split boards, sure. But! What if you could turn a 150cm park board into a 160 powder board? Could you snap on a different tail? Or a big powder nose to go from a park shape to floating in powder. Off and on shape potential to make that dream shape for the right day? Much like this concept, remove your practical brain with us for a few minutes as we remove snowboard sections and test with a sick crew up at Boreal on some pretty harsh snow conditions.

Hit play and let’s kick this off!