Opening day is nearly 50 days away at Mammoth Mountain and the resort decided to celebrate its employees (and their never-ending winter) with a kick off bash to celebrate winter nearing.
Team rider, Danila Shipilov, was one of the lucky crew who was able to partake in the private shred session. He hit us up and told us a little bit about what snowboarding in September was like for him. 
We rode up to Saddle Bowl on Mammoth Mountain, admiring the fresh groomer from there down to the bottom of Chair 23. I got to take four laps and I don't think I have ever been so appreciative of groomers! Before dropping in on my last lap, I noticed a few people hiking up some powder under Hangman's Hollow. I instantly trudged my way up there through the fresh snow (we had a storm a few days before), and it was unbelievably light for a September shower. As I reached the top, ski patrol began yelling for everyone to come down, but I was already strapped and ready to go. I dropped in right away and came out of that line with a little face shot, which is pretty epic for the end of September. It was an amazing day, and I look forward to what lies ahead!
Rider Profile
Full Name: Danila Shipilov 
Birthday: 02/03/97
Goofy or Regular? Regular
Stance? 22'  Angles:  9, -9
Favorite Board? The Disruptor 2 is a versatile board which I trust on groomers, powder, and park. Its mid flex and wide tips create a fun experience wherever you take it on the mountain.
Home Mountain? Mt. Brighton, Michigan
Dream Snowboarding trip/ Destination? I would really like to ride Whistler and Laax.