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Coffee & Maple Syrup | FULL VIDEO

WATCH NOW - Coffee & Maple Syrup

A short film by Dylan Mead featuring Jesse Gomez & Matt Carlyle based in the the Lake Tahoe National Forest. Filmed during one of the heaviest winters the Sierra Nevada Mountains has seen. These guys dealt with some of the most harsh conditions while finding new spots with a jib everything mentality.

Starring: Jesse Gomez, Matt Carlyle, Aaron Steinhardt, Jaimee Deister, Danny Smith, Mizl Adams, Cali Carlson & Tonny Ceccarelli

Film & Edit: Dylan Mead

Jesse Gomez - Yeah Daddy

2 months of filming and jibbing everything in sight - Gomez performs a maneuver commonly referred to as the "Yeah Daddy" - invented by Massachusetts native Chris Beresford. Gomez consciously pays homage to his favorite East Coast riders through his snowboarding - raw, stylish & creative.

Jesse Gomez - Switch Bank Ride

With a record year for snowfall in the Tahoe area - Jesse took full advantage of unique spot selections. Free (switch) base grinds anyone?

Jesse Gomez - Park Pro
Deep in snow, and in thought, Gomez post make - manifesting the next spot.

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