Without a doubt, instagram has proved itself as the most effective social media tool for snowboarders to share, collaborate & showcase their skills. With an overwhelming number of snowboard videos popping up on your feed, we list 5 of our favorite Front Board clips from this past winter.

5. Audrey Doan - DFD - Front Board 270

Audrey joined the squad early winter, and has been working her butt off as park crew for both Bear & Mammoth Mountain. Needless to say, she's looking super comfy on the board. During our last Park Series shoot - Audrey put down this absolute hammer. What will she do next?!

4. Jesse Gomez - Ledge to Roof - 50-50 Front Board

Jesse is a real treat to watch snowboard & skate. It's the type of boarding that emanates fun - creative, inspiring but also hesh. He filmed a street project during Jan-Feb of this year and you should watch it. Just don't get too bummed if you can't snowboard after.

3. Tony Ceccarelli - Flat Bar - Switch Front Board

Smoothest dude. Chill boarder. Tony makes everything look easy. The way he comes back to switch on this one makes everyone happy. Thank you for that.

2. Matt Carlyle - Rail to Bank - Switch Front Board Pretz

Yo Wetzels! Aunti Anne! Send yer boi a box of pretzels because he EATS THEM UP. Matt could probably do one blindfolded. That could be really fun to film.

1. Lenny Mazzotti - DFD Donkey - Switch Front Board

We can't name another snowboarder that had more time on snow this winter. From street trips to contests & park sessions - Lenny made the rounds. Switch Front Board for the gram? OK.

Hope y'all are having a great summer!