This past week the infamous Bomb Cyclone infiltrated the East Coast and quickly left. In its wake it laid a cool white blanket of snow along with teeth rattling temperatures in the single digits over the past four days. Here in NYC they clear the streets quick. But, in the corners of New York and more specifically, Central Park, there were pocket areas with about 4 to 6 inches. Just enough to find a reason to get out there and have a little fun. I got a late call from Mark Deren aka Mad Steez to sniff out a little night mission in Central Park for a small edit he’s working on. From 10pm to about 2am we strolled through the park finding shreddable gems; stair ollies, lil’ pow berms and sick Mr Fun trails. Nothing too crazy, but still fun and eveyrthing you find, you realize you’re in the middle New York and that makes it fucking awesome. That little snow went a long way and we made the best of it. Had lots of fun and many laughs. Here are a few photos and clip below.