Roberto Schilling the Grammy Award-winning producer and composer hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Brazil is taking our new Cardboard Keyboard on it’s maiden voyage for this episode of Cardboard Sessions. Known for his innovative approach and intricate musical arrangements, Roberto’s mastery and keen ear for sonic detail have not only earned him critical acclaim but have also solidified his place as a trailblazer within the industry. Enjoy Roberto with professional musicians, Jake Reed, Sean Hurley and Andrew Syncwiec as they take all the Cardboard instruments on an epic unrehearsed journey in a home studio with some of the best energy you will find in Los Angeles. Roberto’s studio partner Mario Caldato Jr. Also know as Mario C. Welcome to Cardboard Sessions. A jam format music series that brings musicians together to play instruments built and designed by the creators of Cardboard Chaos. A creative exploration for the love of music and the chance to hear something original. No rehearsals, no plan. The moment when a creative spark hits and you dig deep to explore the realm.

Roberto Schilling - Keyboard
Jake Reed - Drums
Sean Hurley - Bass
Andrew Syncwiec - Guitar

Studio: MCJ Studios | Los Angeles CA
Audio Producer/Engineer: Mario Coldato Jr. and Johnny Maia
Director/Producer: Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga
Director of Photography: Ryan Crase