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Cardboard Session: Ray Barbee - #21

Ray Barbee hit the skateboard scene hard during the late 80s and early 90s. His smooth style and innovative tricks we’re immediately recognizable. His name a staple among those who list their favorite skaters of that era. Street skaters see the world differently. Unthinkable landscapes, structures and the world around us are carefully scanned for its skate-ability. It’s an added layer on top of the world we live in everyday, a different kind of relationship with your surroundings. Ray took his unique view of the world and transitioned it into a successful career as a musician. Watching Ray play guitar, is similar to watching him skate. Ethereal and fluid his style is his own. Barbee has collaborated with various artists and released albums that blend elements of jazz, blues, and soul. His ability to seamlessly navigate two distinct worlds, skateboarding and music, has solidified his legacy as a cultural icon. We are absolutely delighted to share this moment with Ray Barber and the Cardboard Strat.

Ray Barbee - Guitar

Studio - Vans
Engineer - Cameron Webb


Cardboard Chaos - How the drums were made:
Cardboard Chaos - How the guitar was made:
Cardboard Chaos - How the bass was made:
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