We’re back with another episode of Cardboard Chaos!

The show where Ernest Packaging and Signal get together to create some wild creations out of cardboard. This episode we reimagine what snowboard and ski features can look like in a snow park. Usually made of wood, metal and plastic - we’re thinking it’s time to prototype with cardboard to make some creations that can be ridden and recycled! Much like the x-games where they will blow a concrete skatepark and then tear it down after the contest, cardboard is a great way to realize incredible futuristic features without the permanence. Build, ride, have fun, recycle ! Watch as we imagine and the Ernest Team takes the idea to the next level with a multi option snow park run and a masterpiece of design Mini Bowl. Mammoth Mountain hosts our shred day while the Signal Team goes above and beyond. This is a must watch! Tap that play button !

Short Version :


Extended Version: