Every home music studio is a creative sanctuary, reflecting the unique blend of its creator's personality, musical taste, and technical preferences. The moment you walk into MCJ Studio you feel it. Mario Caldato Jr’s kindness and creativity is deeply woven into the fabric here. Brazilian roots, mixed with the vibe and memorabilia of his past work with bands like the Beastie Boys, Tone Loc, and Jack Johnson only adds to the inspiration, and a feeling that this is a place that can pull the best out of any musician. Please enjoy the Behind The Scenes with Roberto Schilling produced by Mario Coldato Jr and Johnny Maia. This Cardboard Keyboard would not exist if Roberto hadn’t jumped in to help us make this a reality. On top of being a world-class musician, he has become one of our favorite people to work with. So, there was no way we were going to let him get away with out being the first to bring the the Cardboard Wurlitzer to life with a band for CS 16.

Roberto Schilling - Guitar
Jake Reed - Drums
Sean Hurley - Bass
Andrew Syncwiec - Guitar
Studio - MCJ Studio | Los Angeles, CA
Audio Producer/Engineer - Mario Coldato Jr and Johnny Maia
Director/Producer - Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga
DP: Ryan Crase 

Cardboard Chaos - How the drums were made: https://youtu.be/QVlyiAEpD-U
Cardboard Chaos - How the guitar was made: https://youtu.be/7Oo2H-W7d6A
Cardboard Chaos - How the bass was made: https://youtu.be/NyamHeHhrlY