Having big feet can be a problem, especially when it comes to snowboarding.  I personally wear size 14 boots and it has been a struggle my entire life. You want to lay out a nice carve but those damn overhanging toes or heels send you flying to your ass. It sucks. Snowboards were not made for riders with my boot size.

Typically to solve the problem I have been sizing up to a larger board in the 166cm range.  Usually, the longer in length a board is, the wider it is, so that strategy has worked alright for me.


However, I definitely do not want to ride a 166cm board forever. Over the past two years, I have been working directly with our production team in an effort to find a better board solution for all of us bigger footed rippers.

Wide Wise

First, we developed the Wide Wise. It is a wider version of the Disruptor. Built for park and all mountain, this board holds a good edge in both directions as it is a twin shape. Feel free to send it off those jumps just like Kyle Mack and stomp landings with ease due to its wider waist width.

For powder junkies, the Tailgunner was designed to be super wide.  It has our advanced Omni construction, combined with a powder shape and wider waist width, making it one of the lightest boards in our line. The Tailgunner was designed with our good friends from Baldface Lodge. When it comes to powder, they know whats up. Last winter, I took the Tailgunner out on a non powder day and it handled high speed groomer runs without any wash out. I was stoked to have something reliable to really lay down carves without any worry of getting caught up.  

If you are looking for something fun and unique for your quiver, you should check out the Wampeater. This gem is wide-  really wide. I have been riding the 156 and laying down turns with my 14’s. The Wampeater can go anywhere you want.  Pow, groomers, park- you name it. You also will get lots of looks and questions about the board with it’s graphics and shape.

Some other considerations to all think about are the boots you choose when you have big feet. Certain boot manufacturers design their boots with shrinkage tech, so that the footprint of the boot will be anywhere from half a boot size to a full boot size smaller. 

Hit us up with any questions you may have about getting the perfect board for you. We're here to help!