Nothing beats waking up early to the sound of avy bombs going off in the distance. It’s the worlds best alarm clock because it means one very special thing- a powder day is upon us. All of a sudden, rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn is a breeze because fresh tracks are calling our names. Hopefully you have your pow stick waxed, with bindings mounted and ready to go, because the best part of winter is up ahead!

To get prepped for all the powder days we put together a list of our favorite free ride boards to rip. 


Neev Yup

We created the Yup because its one of the few snowboards you’ll ever ride that will have you saying ‘Yup!’ in any riding conditions. With its naturally set back stance, directional shape, and a little bit of early rise in the nose, it’s one of the most perfect choices for an epic pow day. Effortlessly float over the fresh snow, and slash your way through the trees. Even when the snow isn’t fresh, the Yup is perfect for ripping groomers, riding park and exploring the side country. 



Powder days turn into a crazy party when you’re riding the TailGunner. Designed to take on steep and deep days it will not let you down, no matter how much fresh is on the ground. We collaborated with the guides at Baldface- some of the best powder hounds in the business in order to ensure that this board will be there for you on the best days. Built with the same highly technical construction as the Omni, this will be the lightest powder board you’ll ever ride- perfect for bootpacking and earning your turns in the side country at your local resort.

TailGunner Split

TailGunner Split

One of the biggest things that everyone takes into consideration when getting their split board setup dialed is weight and the TailGunner Split is the lightest split you’ll be able to get your hands on. Its lightweight construction combined with a wider waist width makes it perfect for finding new lines in the backcountry. Buddy up, strap in, and get outside to explore all the fresh tracks the backcountry has to offer.