Park Rocker - Outcast

Fun is the name of the game. The mid-wide, medium flexing slight rocker profile is extremely versatile. Keep things floaty, buttery and easy edge to edge. Super Pop Triaxial glass adds a nice pop that compliments this forgiving profile. Catch-free and surfy, this board will lock right into presses and put a huge smile on your face.

True Twin
Flex: 5/10
Artist: Michael Gonsalves

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Camber Terrain Specs
Mellow Rocker

A mellow rocker profile that starts from the center. More of a surfy-feel, with a medium flex that compliments the profile without sacrificing stability or edge-hold.

Back Country
All Mountains
Size Effective Edge Tip/Tail Length Tip/Tail Width Waist Width Stance Location Stance Setback
152 117.4cm 17.3 / 17.3 29.4 / 29.4 25.2cm 55 0
156 121cm 17.5 / 17.5 30.2 / 30.2 25.8cm 57 0
Size: 152
  • Effective Edge: 117.4cm
  • Tip/Tail Length: 17.3 / 17.3
  • Tip/Tail Width: 29.4 / 29.4
  • Waist Width: 25.2cm
  • Stance Location: 55
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Size: 156
  • Effective Edge: 121cm
  • Tip/Tail Length: 17.5 / 17.5
  • Tip/Tail Width: 30.2 / 30.2
  • Waist Width: 25.8cm
  • Stance Location: 57
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Relaxed intensity. The Poplar core gives the Park Rocker a medium flex that is playful with a consistent feeling pop. This true twin mid-wide is ideal for those that are looking for a more surfy vibe. Easy edge to edge, a great board for beginners and fun for all levels.

    Available in 152, 156


    Lightning Fast Isosport 7500 Sintered Base


    Super Pop Triaxial Fiberglass


    Premium ABS/TPU

    Top Glass

    Super Pop Triaxial Fiberglass


    Mellow Rocker

    Core Material

    Poplar Wood Core

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