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Camber Terrain Specs

A blend of camber with rocker in the nose combines float and control while camber under the back foot drives with power and stability. This camber profiling will ensure you nose wont sink in powder but will also provides plenty of stability and pop. Amazing for all mountain and deep days!

Back Country
All Mountains
Size Effective Edge Tip/Tail Length Tip/Tail Width Waist Width Stance Location Stance Setback
147.5 103 25.9/18.6 28.8/24 24.8 48.7 3.6
153.5 107.2 26.9/19.4 30/28.7 25.4 53 3.7
157.5 110 27.6/19.9 30.8/29.5 25.4 56 3.7
Size: 147.5
  • Effective Edge: 103
  • Tip/Tail Length: 25.9/18.6
  • Tip/Tail Width: 28.8/24
  • Waist Width: 24.8
  • Stance Location: 48.7
  • Stance Setback: 3.6
  • Size: 153.5
  • Effective Edge: 107.2
  • Tip/Tail Length: 26.9/19.4
  • Tip/Tail Width: 30/28.7
  • Waist Width: 25.4
  • Stance Location: 53
  • Stance Setback: 3.7
  • Size: 157.5
  • Effective Edge: 110
  • Tip/Tail Length: 27.6/19.9
  • Tip/Tail Width: 30.8/29.5
  • Waist Width: 25.4
  • Stance Location: 56
  • Stance Setback: 3.7
  • Quality craftsmanship, inspired engineering, world-class materials. It slides on the highest quality base, a tapered directional side-cut, and a beautifully designed shape and graphic. It’s also equipped with The Channel system from our friends at Burton for mico-specific stance adjustment.

    The Yup was the brainchild of Billy Anderson, made for a ETT a few years ago. Built with the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom in mind, Billy and the rest of the Signal crew fine tuned this board to perfection, until he finally won the Dirksen Derby the following year. We build, we ride and we refine to bring you the highest quality boards for all types of riding.


    Isosport 7500 Sintered Base


    Triaxial Fiberglass


    Premium ABS/TPU

    Top Glass

    Triaxial Fiberglass



    Core Material


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