Sierra 2020 R Monthly Payment

All Mountain Master. Cliff Drops. Large Jumps. Deep Snow. High Speed Sender. Knuckle Hucker.

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Camber Terrain Specs

The original, arc-shaped profile. Camber offers a poppy suspension, with weight distributed evenly over the entire board. Cambered boards produce more pressure on the snow at the tip and tail since they have to flex further to achieve this curve. This provides amazing edge hold! Cambered boards are best for high speeds, carving and stability.

Back Country
All Mountains
Size Effective Edge Tip/Tail Length Tip/Tail Width Waist Width Stance Location Stance Setback
The Sierra Series is built with Directional Quad Side-cuts to hold an edge at high speed and for traversing across steeps. The mid-wide waist widths are good for both regular and larger boot sizes. With a medium tip to tail flex, with very thin tip and tail profiles to cut down swing weight. The Sierra Series at its core it built to handle the some of the gnarliest terrain one can get themselves into on the mountain. If you’re not on that level, this is still a great board for holding an edge riding with speed and it gives you the ability to make micro-corrections with ease.

The Sierra Series is a mid-wide directional twin with edge bumps under each boot to provide a less toe and heal drag and a little more grip while carving.


Isosport 7500 Sintered Base


Triaxial Fiberglass


Premium ABS/TPU

Top Glass

Triaxial Fiberglass



Core Material

Spruce with Poplar stringers

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