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Mens Park Signal Snowboard Snowboard Subscriptions for Sale
Mens Park Signal Snowboard Snowboard Subscriptions for Sale Mens Park Signal Snowboard Snowboard Subscriptions for Sale Mens Park Signal Snowboard Snowboard Subscriptions for Sale Mens Park Signal Snowboard Snowboard Subscriptions for Sale




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Great for Parks, Rails, Boxes and Streets

Built specifically for snowboard parks and streets, the Park Series was created in 2006 to serve as a progression-friendly snowboard with a soft flex for butters and presses. Evolving over the years and now redesigned for 2017 with groms in mind, this new shape and new price make it affordable and easy to ride. The flex is soft, which makes it the go-to board for easy progression. The Park comes with a sticker kit for you to easily customize your board with stickers and make it your own.

  • Base: Sintered Ultra Base
  • Base Glass: Triaxial Fiberglass
  • Sidewalls: Premium ABS/ TPU
  • Top Glass: Triaxial Fiberglass
  • Camber Type: Traditional Camber
  • Core Material: Spruce
  • Stainless-Steel Inserts
  • Rockwell 48 Steel Edges 

Kids Park Specs


a b c d e f g
Size Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut Stance Range Setback Contact
140cm 26.7cm 26.7cm 22.9cm Radial: 7.1m 42.0cm - 54.0cm Center 107.3cm
142cm 27.1cm 27.1cm 23.2cm Radial: 7.2m 42.5cm - 54.5cm Center 108.9cm
144cm 27.5cm 27.5cm 23.5cm Radial: 7.3m 44.0cm - 56.0cm Center 110.4cm
148cm 28.3cm 28.3cm 24.2cm Radial: 7.5m 46.0cm - 58.0cm Center 113.5cm
150cm 28.6cm 28.6cm 24.5cm Radial: 7.6m 51.5cm - 63.5cm Center 115.0cm
152cm 29.0cm 29.0cm 24.8cm Radial: 7.7m 52.0cm - 64.0cm Center 116.5cm
154cm 29.4cm 29.4cm 25.1cm Radial: 7.8m 52.5cm - 64.5cm Center 118.1cm
156cm 29.8cm 29.8cm 25.5cm Radial: 7.9m 53.0cm - 65.0cm Center 119.6cm
158cm 30.2cm 30.2cm 25.8cm Radial: 8.0m 54.0cm - 66.0cm Center 121.1cm

Additional Services

MOD Program

In addition to owning your new board you also receive access to The MOD Program. The MOD Program is the very first Members Only Demo Program that offers high-end snowboards to subscribers as weekly rentals at no charge. Signal’s entire line is now open to our members. If conditions change, you’re heading somewhere special and need a special board—or you just want to try something new—we’ve got you covered. Subscribers get two free one week demos a year! If you’d like to demo another board after that it’s just $40 for the week. Once a subscriber puts in the request, the board ships to that subscribers address in a snowboard box with return postage for free shipping back to the factory.

Boards To Choose From

MOD Program
Buy one board and have Signal’s entire snowboard line at your fingertips! Signal’s Snowboard Subscription is the best way to buy a snowboard. Ever!
Signal Care

Signal Care

Signal Care is Signal’s subscription warranty and protection package. As a member, your board is covered from tip to tail from just about anything. Break your board and we’ll replace it. If someone hits your tail in line and chips it, we’ll repair it. For as long as you’re a subscriber, you’ve got a warranty.

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