Disruptor - Kyle Mack

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Break some rules with this All Mountain freestyle board designed by Kyle Mack. Pop into the stratosphere and have confidence knowing you won't wash out. Landing gear? Check. A Team favorite for charging hard on sunny park days & diving into epic pow. Now 10% stiffer for the most responsive Disruptor to date - just how Kyle likes it.

True Twin
Flex: 9/10
Artist: Hannah Shiplee

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Camber Terrain Specs
Kick Ass Camber

The original, arc-shaped profile. Camber offers a poppy suspension, with weight distributed evenly over the entire board. Cambered boards produce more pressure on the snow at the tip and tail since they have to flex further to achieve this curve. This provides amazing edge hold! Cambered boards are best for high speeds, carving and stability.

Back Country
All Mountains
Size Effective Edge Tip/Tail Length Tip/Tail Width Waist Width Stance Location Stance Setback
154 113.2cm 20.4 / 20.4 29.2 / 29.2 25.1cm 53 0
156W 114.8cm 20.6 / 20.6 30.2 / 30.2 26.1cm 56 0
158W 116.2cm 20.9 / 20.9 31 / 31 26.8cm 56 0
Size: 154
  • Effective Edge: 113.2cm
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20.4 / 20.4
  • Tip/Tail Width: 29.2 / 29.2
  • Waist Width: 25.1cm
  • Stance Location: 53
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Size: 156W
  • Effective Edge: 114.8cm
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20.6 / 20.6
  • Tip/Tail Width: 30.2 / 30.2
  • Waist Width: 26.1cm
  • Stance Location: 56
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Size: 158W
  • Effective Edge: 116.2cm
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20.9 / 20.9
  • Tip/Tail Width: 31 / 31
  • Waist Width: 26.8cm
  • Stance Location: 56
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Kyle Mack’s Disruptor is built around his riding style. The stiff flex, radial sidecut and styled out blunted nose and tail shape is designed for all types of riding. Carving stability at high speeds and maximum pop anywhere you take it. This is a board that is going to put a smile on your face from first chair to closing bell. Let’s go!

    Available in 154, 156W, 158W


    Lightning Fast Isosport 7500 Sintered Base


    Super Pop Triaxial Fiberglass


    Premium ABS/TPU

    Top Glass

    Super Pop Triaxial Fiberglass


    Kick Ass Camber

    Core Material

    Spruce with Lightweight Poplar stringers

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