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Protect your board with Signal Care and get access to exclusive gear and experiences.

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Get a board under your feet in under two weeks. Take another two weeks to make sure you love it.

How It Works

Board Protection

Signal Care protects your board from just about anything. Break your board and we’ll replace it - or loan you a board during quick repairs.

Signal Care

Global Experiences

As Pros, we were fortunate to have access to the best destinations and guides in the world. We love sharing what we’ve learned with you.

Signal Care

As a member, your board is covered from tip to tail from just about anything. Where most warranties cover manufacturing issues, we cover everything.

Break your board or your snowboard becomes unrideable for any reason and we’ll replace it. If it’s something we can fix, we will ship you a board to ride while your board is being repaired.  As a member of Signal Care you are completely taken care of.

Stoker Boxes

Gear, guides and accessories. Keeping you connected. We love putting together our favorite new picks and deals into a box for our members. 

Community Events

Join up for ride days, master classes, and member events. Nothing beats sharing the mountain experience with other passionate riders.


"We’re here to give you the best experience in snowboarding. Our crew is made up of snowboarders who love the mountains more than just about anything. Discovering amazing boards, places to ride, and being connected to thousands of others just like us around the world - that’s what we live for."