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Our vision stretches the limits of a snowboard brand, embracing boundless creativity akin to the art of snowboarding itself. Our evolution is ongoing, driven by a commitment to our customers and team riders. We fly under the radar at times, resonating on a distinct wavelength. We pride ourselves in deviating from the norm of a conventional snowboard brand. However, for those within our community, this distinctiveness is evident. Being a part of our community means being a part of something truly special.

Shredding boundaries and building community, one board at a time.


As former Pros we start by building boards we love to ride. We then define geometries and designs based on feedback from our community.


We’re obsessed with sourcing the highest quality materials. We’ve tested every combination for each board to zero in on the perfect formula for the perfect board.


We built every board ourselves for thirteen years. Now we’ve added two of the best factories in the world to continue to produce the best boards on the market.


Our design team works hand in hand with our production team to put every board through a battery of quality checks to make sure they meet our standards.

Our Story

We founded Signal in 2004 to pursue a more creative, thoughtful, and direct connection with riders that not only share a love for snowboarding, but a passion for the outdoors and building meaningful relationships with other like-minded people.

Over the years we’ve challenged ourselves to create an amazing community of riders and outfit them with the best gear in the world. That challenge pushes us beyond being the best snowboard company in the world - we want to be the best snowboard community in the world.

Our mission is to inspire more participation and bring our members experiences that will last a lifetime. We work hard to make the sport we love accessible to anyone who wants to improve their skills, and provide challenges for our advanced riders that push them to achieve things they didn’t think they were capable of. 

Come join our crew!