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Camber Terrain Specs
Traditional Camber

The original, arc-shaped profile. Camber offers a poppy suspension, with weight distributed evenly over the entire board. Cambered boards produce more pressure on the snow at the tip and tail since they have to flex further to achieve this curve. This provides amazing edge hold! Cambered boards are best for high speeds, carving and stability.

Back Country
All Mountains
Size Effective Edge Tip/Tail Length Tip/Tail Width Waist Width Stance Location Stance Setback
143 103 20/20 27.7/27.7 23.8 48.5 0
146 106 20/20 27.9/27.9 23.9 51.0 0
149 112.5 20.5/20.5 28.4 /28.4 24.2 50.5 0
152 111 20.5/20.5 28.7/28.7 24.5 52.5 0
Size: 143
  • Effective Edge: 103
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20/20
  • Tip/Tail Width: 27.7/27.7
  • Waist Width: 23.8
  • Stance Location: 48.5
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Size: 146
  • Effective Edge: 106
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20/20
  • Tip/Tail Width: 27.9/27.9
  • Waist Width: 23.9
  • Stance Location: 51.0
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Size: 149
  • Effective Edge: 112.5
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20.5/20.5
  • Tip/Tail Width: 28.4 /28.4
  • Waist Width: 24.2
  • Stance Location: 50.5
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • Size: 152
  • Effective Edge: 111
  • Tip/Tail Length: 20.5/20.5
  • Tip/Tail Width: 28.7/28.7
  • Waist Width: 24.5
  • Stance Location: 52.5
  • Stance Setback: 0
  • The Ambient’s focus is female, but anyone can ride it! The geometry, sidecut, shape, and flex are chosen by women we ride with, which makes all the difference in progression. Built for all mountain ripping, but with the park in mind, you’ll be sure to excel. Designed to be playful when you want, and stable when you need it, get ready to take the hill on by storm.

    The Ambient is built with a light, poppy, sustainable core and is equipped with the micro-adjustable stance system - The Channel, from our friends at Burton. The forgiving camber makes turns easy, without sacrificing stability at higher speeds. Set the stance back with ease, and get ready to slay a powder day. The Ambient has won the prestigious title of Transworld Snowboarding’s 2019 Good Wood Award for Women's Park Board.


    Isosport 7500 Sintered Base


    Triaxial Fiberglass


    Premium ABS/TPU

    Top Glass

    Triaxial Fiberglass


    Traditional Camber

    Core Material


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