Top 7 excuses to show up late to Thanksgiving Dinner because you’re out shredding.

With Thanksgiving two weeks away, some of you will be itching to take advantage of those holiday shred days that offer short lift lines and uncrowded runs. If it’s fresh powder, it’s a no-brainer. Unlimited access to fresh snow each run is a good excuse enough to skip the tradition, but when it’s a normal day on the hill and you have a very enthusiastic family that wants you on time for dinner, here’s a few excuses you can use.


  1. Drop some food off at a food drive. I’ll come over after. Listen, here’s a chance for you to do some good and get a great excuse out of it or at least show up for leftovers. No one’s going to question your timing if you’re doing god’s work on the way to the hill.
  2. Work needs me and I need the money. This one’s a little iffy, as any company keeping you from your family on a holiday kinda sucks. But, you are getting some serious work done. Shred work!
  3. I smell gas! A gas leak is no joke. No one’s going to question your tardiness for Thanksgiving Dinner if you claim with a straight face you had a gas leak. *unless you live at home. That could be bad.
  4. Food Poisoning. Hard to drive to Mom’s house if you’re shredding a porcelain white bowl. It does tend to pass, so you can show up fashionable late, but keep it cool and bring the leftovers home before you dig in.
  5. Go on tour! Thanksgiving has turned into a bit of a touring holiday. People love to get out and visit friends and hop from family to family. Just make yours the last stop after the lifts close ;).
  6. The boss invited me over to meet the family. Pretty solid. Family will be impressed that you’re getting the big invite. Maybe next a promotion? 
  7. Honesty. Tell them you're going snowboarding. Always the best option. And if your family is cool, they will not only understand, they may go with you!