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Nature Scoot Over, It’s Technology Calling.

Sensors Making Mountains Smarter.

  • Technology is taking over the world we know that. Nothing newsworthy these days. But, when you’re out enjoying a day on the hill snowboarding or skiing and your pocket is buzzing with updates to maximize your day, are we better off? Vail plans to implement what they call “EpicMix Time App” a group of strategically places sensors around the mounting that ping off your cell phone and gift you updates on shortest lift lines, when to take lunch and how long it may take you to get from the top of the mountain to your dinner reservations or your drive home to relieve the babysitter. We’re all for technology around here at Signal. Managing one’s personal time efficiently  has become a new world order. Millions of apps help us time manage every day, so it makes sense that mountains would smarten up and make it easier for shredders to enjoy their day. But, is this something you will use? I think eventually people will, and by eventually I mean, remember when you told your relatives about Waze and they fired back they know how a better way? These things take time and I think that for most enthusiasts eventually this will enhance a days experience. Albeit, this sounds a bit like a Trojan horse to collect a shit ton of data to use on us later, that’s what this new future is all about. Maybe Vail should take a cue from Yobeat and implement the lift-line beer delivery to get early activations. Time will tell. Like any app, if it sucks you won’t use it. And, if it really works? Then hell yeah, have my data and seriously, think about getting me a beer delivered before I get on the chair :).
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