Change is part of the game when you’re pioneering snowboarding’s first subscription program. Today we are officially taking back the monthly payment program and bringing it in-house rather than use Affirm. The reason? Community. Over the last couple years we’ve been building an extraordinary program with thousands of riders around the globe. Real relationships are being formed and there is a true connection happening. Affirm was holding a lot of people up from coming on board, and although it works well when it works, we are willing to work a little harder to keep you closer. This also means we are placing a lot of trust in our community. This is how it will work this season. You can access any board and membership for a low monthly fee by adding it to your cart and checking out. No fees, no credit checks. You will get an email from our crew verifying your subscription. After that you’re all set.

Together we are building a tribe of creative snowboarders that has access to quality  snowboards, destinations, community events and discussions. Our mission is to improve your quality of life as a snowboarder. To harness the collective and build products you want, ride places you’ve dreamt about - to do some good while having fun along the way.

The best way to buy a snowboard, ever! Join us.