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  • Every Third Thursday

    Every Third Thursday is a web show that was created in June of 2010. The concept? Use our snowboard factory to come up with fun, creative ideas and connect you, the viewer, to the process. So once a month —Every Third Thursday to be exact—we sit down and come up with a new idea for a new board to build. Episodes such as LEGO, Boombox, Kidwell, Vans, and Duff McKagan Snowboard Bass prove that creativity has no limits. Although some boards may never see production, we learn from every ETT build and the new materials and progressive ideas can now be found within Signal's line.

  • Signal_Life Podcast

    I am Dave Lee. Pro Snowboarder, turned entrepreneur. I've been part of a kick ass team that has built a successful snowboard brand, factory and subscription/media company. This podcast gives you insight into the how and why we do what we do. Small business, mountain culture, friends and family and a life-long dedication to a snowboard world that like many things in life has the ability to kick you in the teeth. Signal_Life is all about finding your own line in an often tracked out scene.

  • Cardboard Chaos

    Cardboard Chaos is a fun and innovative web series by Signal and Ernest Packaging that pushes the boundaries to see how far paper can go. Every few months we infiltrate their warehouse and use their design team to help us build whatever our little hearts desire. We love the opportunity to bring new people together and mix that together with the ability to try something completely new. So let the Chaos begin! You’ll never look at paper or cardboard the same way again.